Nepal’s deadliest aviation crash in 30 years results in at least 64 deaths

Nepal’s deadliest: Reuters, Kathmandu, January 15 – In the smallest Himalayan nation’s worst aviation disaster in three decades, a civilian aeroplane crash in Pokhara on Sunday, killing at least 64 people.

Nepal's deadliest:

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Numerous rescuers look for survivors after a Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu carrying 72 people is shot down while they are on a hilltop.

Local television showed rescuers scrambling around the airplane’s wreckage. There were apparent licks of flame on some of the charred earth close to the crash site.

Ajay K.C., a police official, stated that rescuers were having trouble getting to the scene in a valley between two hills close to the tourist town’s airport. “We have sent 31 dead to the hospital and are still bringing out 33 bodies from the gorge,” he added.

At 10:50 a.m. (0505 GMT), the aircraft made contact with the airport from Seti Gorge, according to a statement from the aviation authority. It crashed afterwards.

Nepal’s deadliest aviation crash in 30 years results in at least 64 deaths

Arun Tamu, a local resident, told Reuters that he arrived to the scene shortly after the plane went down and that “half of the plane lies on the slope.” “The other half has tumbled into the Seti river’s gorge.”

Khum Bahadur Chhetri claimed to have observed the approaching aeroplane from the roof of his home.

“I witness the plane swaying, going left and right, and then instantly its nose fell and it plummet into the ravine,” Chhetri told Reuters, adding that two passengers were rush to a hospital by nearby residents.

Nepal's deadliest:

According to the finance minister, Bishnu Paudel, the government has formed a group to look into the crash’s causes, and it would submit a report in 45 days.

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