American detained in Iran goes on a hunger strike and writes to Biden pleading for more assistance for prisoners

American detained: An American detain illegally in Iran is calling with President Joe Biden to pay attention to US detainees there as he start a hunger strike on Monday to mark seven years since he was left out of a prisoner swap that brought other Americans home.

American detained:

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Siamak Namazi urged Biden in a letter to keep him in mind each day for the seven days he plans to observe the hunger strike to mark the sombre occasion.

I’ve previously begg you to gather the will and your moral sense to liberate the American captives in Iran. lacking success Three Americans are still being wrongfully detain in Iran, and you haven’t even allowed our relatives to come visit us, according to Namazi. Namazi is one of the three. Additionally detained there for years are Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz.

The only thing Namazi asked of Biden was one minute each day for the following seven days to reflect on the struggles of the American captives in Iran. “Just one minute of your time for every year I lost in the Evin prison when the US government had the opportunity to help me but chose not to. And that’s all.

But since I’m in this cage, all I can give you in exchange is more agony. I will therefore skip meals for the same seven days in the hopes that you will grant me this modest favour,” he said.

American detained in Iran goes on a hunger strike:

After entering Iran in July 2015, Namazi was unable to leave, and before being detain in October 2015, he was subject to months of questioning. He was not includ in the exchange of prisoners with Iran in January 2016 that freed Christian minister Saeed Abedini, journalist Jason Rezaian of the Washington Post, and veteran Marine Amir Hekmati. At that time, a separate release of a fifth American also took place.

The U.S. Government assured Namazi’s family that I would return home safely within weeks when it unjustly put me in danger and release the other American citizens Iran was holding captive on January 16, 2016, Namazi stated in his letter on Monday. Nevertheless, seven years and two presidents later, I am still detain in Tehran’s notorious Evin jail, protect by that long-overdue IOU and bearing the unfortunate distinction of being the longest-held Iranian-American hostage in history.

American detained:

The Biden administration is “dedicat to obtaining Siamak Namazi’s liberation and we are working tirelessly to bring him home together with all US nationals who are wrongfully incarcerat in Iran, including Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz,” a National Security Council official said.

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